Swoon @ The Brooklyn Museum

Next week is the last week to check out Swoon’s exhibit — “Submerged Motherlands” — at the Brooklyn Museum. Swoon is now a well-established NYC street-artist with her wheat-paste cut-out portraits. Her exhibit in Brooklyn addresses environmental issues, specifically the problem of rising waters due to global warming. Her neighborhood, Red Hook, was ravaged by the 2012 Hurricane Sandy; “Submerged Motherlands” is her reaction to the devastation. I thought her inspiration particularly captivating. Here is an excerpt from the exhibit’s introduction to her work:

“For Swoon, Sandy brings to mind Doggerland, a landmass that once connected the island of Great Britain to mainland Europe before…it was flooded by a super tsunami more than eight thousand years ago. These natural disasters form for her a salient image of floating cities whose existence is threatened by climate change.”

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