21st Precinct Art Exhibit

On Saturday, I checked out the 21st Precinct Art Exhibit curated by Outlaw Arts and street-artists, Pesu and Savior Elmundo. Robert Aloia, head of Outlaw Arts, told me how Suzuki Capital called him up after buying the building on 22nd Street. The real estate business asked Aloia if he wanted to do anything with the building before being demolished and converted into condos. Aloia jumped on the occasion to put together a street-art show over two weekends, with an opening night on August 17th. With limited funding and short-notice, Aloia, Pesu, and Savior Elmundo were able to put together an incredible show, free and open to the public, featuring 40+ local, NYC artists across four floors of the former NYPD precinct.

The exhibit’s last showing was yesterday (8/24) from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.